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Le but de la NGD est d'encourager les études dans différentes branches des sciences naturelles et d'explorer la région de Davos d'un point de vue scientifique.

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African-European School Dialogue


14:00 - 15:30

Online Workshop Series 2023

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Organiser: Brigitte Kürsteiner, Pädagogische Hochschule Luzern

Speakers: Victoria Wasner, Dieudonné Pouhe, Muyabi Sostenes, Omari Chazua

PH Luzern hast set up a project which connects schools in Africa and Europe to tackle the problem of biased teaching and learning about the respective other context (teaching and learning about Europe in Africa and about Africa in Europe). The workshops aims at discussing biases in teaching and learning in Africa and Europe and the search for alternatives. An important focus will be on the establishment of new content which is in line with today's realities and current issues such as indigenous knowledge or geopolitical tendencies and how we work within the project to implement them into education. On the occasion of the workshop, we will show how we plan to work together in a process of design thinking and how we plan to setup the reciprocal approach and benefits for each of the contexts’ school realties.


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    PH Luzern
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