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The aim of NGD is the promotion of the studies in different fields of natural sciences and to explore the Davos region from a scientific point of view.

Image: ESO, R. Fosbury

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Donnerstag, 2. Dezember 2021

19.30 Uhr Jahresversammlung krN0VxZz09;

Meeting-ID: 623 9206 6384; Kenncode: 698618

Solar Orbiter
Solar OrbiterImage: PMOD
mountains snow ridge
SnowHydro 2022

SnowHydro 2022 provides an exceptional opportunity to discuss recent advances in all aspects of snow hydrology in a dedicated conference setting, including snow cover processes, distribution dynamics, model development, data

hilly landscape
Second edition of MOOC on Landscape Ecology

This fall the second edition of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Landscape Ecology, the discipline where natural and social sciences meet, will be online. The course features theory,

The magic line of the Glarus Alps thrust at the Tschingelhörner
«Moving Boundaries» specialist conference and public lecture

Boundaries, like those formed by different rock strata in the mountains, colliding continental plates or the tree line are particularly clear indicators of how our planet forms and changes. For


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NGD is a member of the Platform Sciences and Regions of the Swiss Academy of Sciences.

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