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The aim of NGD is the promotion of the studies in different fields of natural sciences and to explore the Davos region from a scientific point of view.

Image: ESO, R. Fosbury
Solar Orbiter
Solar OrbiterImage: PMOD
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SnowHydrology 2024 – 4th International Conference on Snow Hydrology

Storage and release of water from seasonal snow covers constitute critical components of the hydrological cycle in many parts of the world, affecting water availability, vegetation patterns, ecosystems, and weather.

Image: M. Bolliger


Naturforschende Gesellschaft Davos (NGD)
c/o Dr. Katja Bärenfaller
Herman-Burchard-Strasse 9
7265 Davos Wolfgang

NGD is a member of the Platform Sciences and Regions of the Swiss Academy of Sciences.

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