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Image : ESO, R. Fosbury

Molecule based quantum science and technology

molQueST Conference is postponed to to 8–12 September 2021

Lieu de l'événement

Fondazione Monte Verità
Strada Collina 84
6612 Ascona

ˮQuantum Science Emerging from Atoms and Molecules at Surfaces“ builds upon breakthroughs in the art of making atomic and molecular architectures. Electronic and nuclear quantum states can now be manipulated at the single atom level in a controlled surface environment by using either local probes or global electric and magneAc fields. These advances raise expectaAons for using quantum and spin states in atoms and molecules at surfaces for sensing, informaAon storage, and informaAon processing (logic) devices.

Image : molQuesT

Key topics and focus of the conference

  • Quantum coherent systems at surfaces and interfaces
  • Novel systems, comprising embedded spins in nonmetallic or topological environments
  • Controlling and addressing electronic and spin states in quantum systems architectures
  • Modular architectures for molecular quantum-bits and supramolecular integration

Further information and program


  • Atomes
  • Chémoinformatique
  • Molécule


Dr. Thomas A. Jung
Paul Scherrer Institut
Labor für Mikro- und Nanotechnologie (Laboratory for Micro- and Nanotechnology)
5232 Villigen

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