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Image : ESO, R. Fosbury

COVID-19 Crisis in Africa

An ETH Zurich Development Economics Group research project.

COVID-19 Crisis in Africa
Image : Photo by Blue Ox Studio on Pexels

Due to widespread poverty and lack of infrastructure in many countries throughout sub-​Saharan Africa, social-​distancing measures and hand-​washing guidelines, as recommended by the World Health Organization to slow down COVID-​19 infection rates, might prove difficult to enforce.

Using household survey data for more than 30 low-​ and middle-​income countries in sub-​Saharan Africa, we study the preparedness of countries in Africa to respond to the COVID-​19 crisis. We focus particular attention on readiness metrics related to social distancing measures, health infrastructure, and hygiene guidelines, as well the impact of the crisis on household wellbeing.

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