Membre de la SCNAT

Le but de la NGD est d'encourager les études dans différentes branches des sciences naturelles et d'explorer la région de Davos d'un point de vue scientifique.

Image : ESO, R. Fosbury

ETH Public Lecture Series: SDG

The ETH lecture series "The Sustainable Development Goals in Context" offers insights into current research and practice and takes place online as a public event.


What are the major challenges and chances related to sustainability? How does ETH Zurich contribute to sustainable development?

The United Nations Agenda 2030 and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide an opportunity for the international community to shape the course of sustainable development.

With their range of expertise, universities can develop the science to help achieving the SDGs. Join the Public Lecture Series and gain insights from cutting edge science and leading societal actors.


The lecture takes place online and is free of charge. Registration required.
Langues : Anglais