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Urban Rain 23 – International Workshop on Precipitation in Urban Areas


Sporthotel Pontresina
Via Maistra 145
7504 Pontresina

UrbanRain Workshops address the impacts of heavy rainfall in urban areas. Core themes are monitoring, modelling, forecasting and impact analysis in urban hydrology. The Workshops are held every 3 years in southern Switzerland and are organized by ETH Zurich.

Berge Wolken Regen

Heavy rainfall impacts urban environments by generating inundation in cities, drainage system overflows, and urban infrastructure disruption and damage. Urban planners are increasingly concerned with sustainable ways to deal with flood risk driven by intense rainfall. Damages caused by urban flooding are increasing worldwide also because of more frequent and intense storms due to climate change. To reduce these impacts it is necessary to combine scientific and practical knowledge in urban rainfall monitoring, forecasting at high space-​time resolutions, flood modelling, risk assessment, real-​time warning, and preparing for climate change.

UrbanRain workshops are a regular series of international workshops on precipitation in urban areas which address these problems at the interface of science and practice. The workshops have taken place every three years since 1989 in the St. Moritz mountain region of Switzerland. They provide a forum for exchanging new scientific ideas and advances for urban hydrological practice. The workshops are attended by scientists, practitioners, students, and urban managers. The format of the workshops is informal with presentations, posters, and adequate time for discussion and exchange. Attendance will be limited to 70 participants.


  • precipitation monitoring, analysis and modelling
  • precipitation forecasting
  • climate change effects on urban systems
  • rainfall extremes


  • morning and evening oral and poster sessions
  • short topical lunch workshop
  • time for discussion and exchange


  • Hochwasser
  • Hydrologie
  • Infrastruktur
  • Niederschlag
  • Siedlungsraum

Abstract submission


100 CHF (full), 50 CHF (students)
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